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Round 3

gary and alayna vs.
grandma and sarah

val and grandad x

scott and grammie

grandma and sarah

grace and craig x

andrew and claire

debbie and gianna x

gary and alayna

scott and grammie x

gary and alayna

andrew and claire x

grandma and sarah

gary and alayna

grandma and sarah

Round 2

andrew and claire L vs.
grandma and sarah W 00:07

scott and grammie L vs.
gary and alayna W 31:02

Round 1

andrew and claire 11 W vs.
debbie and gianna 1 L 04:36

grandma and sarah 11 W vs.
grace and craig 9 L 07:18

val and grandad 3 L vs.
scott and grammie 12 W 00:13

1st - Flash (Williams,1979)

2nd - $360

3rd - $240

4th - $120

5th (2-way tie) - $90

7th (2-way tie) - $50

9th (4-way tie) - $30

13th (4-way tie) - $20