For Honor

Updated 8:17pm


Round 1

Orochi Moon Cloud vs.
Berserker Watch Dogs

Peacekeeper The Warden vs.
Warlord Paw

Peacekeeper The Warden

Warlord Paw

Shipyard Dawn

Conqueror Three Crowns

Valkyrie Sword Skull x

Shipyard Dawn

Berserker Bird Skull

Raider Sword Skull x

Orochi Moon Cloud

Berserker Watch Dogs

Round 1

Berserker Bird Skull W vs.
Raider Sword Skull L Shipyard Dawn 08:13

Conqueror Three Crowns W vs.
Valkyrie Sword Skull L Shipyard Dawn 07:29

1st - Flash (Williams,1979)

2nd - $360

3rd - $240

4th - $120

5th (2-way tie) - $90

7th (2-way tie) - $50

9th (4-way tie) - $30

13th (4-way tie) - $20