Edfund 2019

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Blazing Paddles (Gern/Maguire) x

The Dumpsters (Heath/Moore)

Over Served (Courtney / Miller) x

3 Star Ping Pong (Preston’s)

DeBiase/Rich x

Go Duck Yourself (Waldron/McCullough)

Frain Train (Bill/Sophie Frain)

The Jenerals (Matt/Jen) x

Team Cincinati (Dave Ireland/Rick)

Team Rock The Maple (Acworth) x

Plastic Ballers (Arvanites / Heney) x

Lucky Lelands (Leland’s)

Tabletop Tennis Tahts (Hutchinson / Zarbo) x

Team O’C (Kevin / Kathleen)

Hungarian Hot Peppers (Kurja’s) x

CG Terminators (Clark-Godfeld/Godfeld)

Spagate (Scudder / Begien)

Baked/Not Fried (Donovan / Fitzgibbons) x

Princemer Pongers (Cooper / Rivers) x

Shake & Bake (Lam /MacDougall)

Pong Squad (Maher/Etna)

Gourdeau (Peter / Donna) x

Scared Hitless (Fabrizio/Taylor)

Team Mojo (Moroney) x

The Smash Brothers (Scudder / Glovsky)

Walles (Jennifer / Rob) x

Bing Bong (Shea/Webber)

Ball Busters (Graber’s) x

The Naturals (Shepherd/Mihaildis)

B&D (Driscoll / Arvanites) x

2 Dirty Martinis (Chapdelaine)

Early Exits (Murphy / Minnaar) x

Team O’C (Kevin / Kathleen) x

3 Star Ping Pong (Preston’s)

Go Duck Yourself (Waldron/McCullough)

Scared Hitless (Fabrizio/Taylor) x

Spagate (Scudder / Begien) x

Bing Bong (Shea/Webber)

The Dumpsters (Heath/Moore)

The Smash Brothers (Scudder / Glovsky) x

Team Cincinati (Dave Ireland/Rick) x

Frain Train (Bill/Sophie Frain)

CG Terminators (Clark-Godfeld/Godfeld)

Lucky Lelands (Leland’s) x

Pong Squad (Maher/Etna)

Shake & Bake (Lam /MacDougall) x

2 Dirty Martinis (Chapdelaine) x

The Naturals (Shepherd/Mihaildis)

3 Star Ping Pong (Preston’s) x

CG Terminators (Clark-Godfeld/Godfeld)

Bing Bong (Shea/Webber)

The Dumpsters (Heath/Moore) x

Frain Train (Bill/Sophie Frain) x

Pong Squad (Maher/Etna)

The Naturals (Shepherd/Mihaildis) x

Go Duck Yourself (Waldron/McCullough)

CG Terminators (Clark-Godfeld/Godfeld) x

Go Duck Yourself (Waldron/McCullough)

Bing Bong (Shea/Webber) x

Pong Squad (Maher/Etna)

Go Duck Yourself (Waldron/McCullough) x

Pong Squad (Maher/Etna)

Pong Squad (Maher/Etna)

Round 5

Go Duck Yourself (Waldron/McCullough) L vs.
Pong Squad (Maher/Etna) W 00:05

Round 4

Bing Bong (Shea/Webber) L vs.
Pong Squad (Maher/Etna) W 07:21

CG Terminators (Clark-Godfeld/Godfeld) L vs.
Go Duck Yourself (Waldron/McCullough) W 00:06

Round 3

3 Star Ping Pong (Preston’s) L vs.
CG Terminators (Clark-Godfeld/Godfeld) W 10:35

Bing Bong (Shea/Webber) W vs.
The Dumpsters (Heath/Moore) L 12:12

Frain Train (Bill/Sophie Frain) L vs.
Pong Squad (Maher/Etna) W 09:08

The Naturals (Shepherd/Mihaildis) L vs.
Go Duck Yourself (Waldron/McCullough) W 11:52

Round 2

2 Dirty Martinis (Chapdelaine) L vs.
The Naturals (Shepherd/Mihaildis) W 16:07

CG Terminators (Clark-Godfeld/Godfeld) W vs.
Lucky Lelands (Leland’s) L 05:10

Go Duck Yourself (Waldron/McCullough) W vs.
Scared Hitless (Fabrizio/Taylor) L 13:58

Pong Squad (Maher/Etna) W vs.
Shake & Bake (Lam /MacDougall) L 11:57

Spagate (Scudder / Begien) L vs.
Bing Bong (Shea/Webber) W 09:43

Team Cincinati (Dave Ireland/Rick) L vs.
Frain Train (Bill/Sophie Frain) W 10:57

Team O’C (Kevin / Kathleen) L vs.
3 Star Ping Pong (Preston’s) W 10:36

The Dumpsters (Heath/Moore) W vs.
The Smash Brothers (Scudder / Glovsky) L 10:27

Round 1

2 Dirty Martinis (Chapdelaine) W vs.
Early Exits (Murphy / Minnaar) L 00:09

Bing Bong (Shea/Webber) W vs.
Ball Busters (Graber’s) L 08:56

Blazing Paddles (Gern/Maguire) L vs.
The Dumpsters (Heath/Moore) W 12:21

DeBiase/Rich L vs.
Go Duck Yourself (Waldron/McCullough) W 09:14

Frain Train (Bill/Sophie Frain) W vs.
The Jenerals (Matt/Jen) L 08:18

Hungarian Hot Peppers (Kurja’s) L vs.
CG Terminators (Clark-Godfeld/Godfeld) W 12:47

Over Served (Courtney / Miller) L vs.
3 Star Ping Pong (Preston’s) W 20:11

Plastic Ballers (Arvanites / Heney) L vs.
Lucky Lelands (Leland’s) W 13:42

Pong Squad (Maher/Etna) W vs.
Gourdeau (Peter / Donna) L 08:48

Princemer Pongers (Cooper / Rivers) L vs.
Shake & Bake (Lam /MacDougall) W 08:15

Scared Hitless (Fabrizio/Taylor) W vs.
Team Mojo (Moroney) L 08:54

Spagate (Scudder / Begien) W vs.
Baked/Not Fried (Donovan / Fitzgibbons) L 11:02

Tabletop Tennis Tahts (Hutchinson / Zarbo) L vs.
Team O’C (Kevin / Kathleen) W 09:44

Team Cincinati (Dave Ireland/Rick) W vs.
Team Rock The Maple (Acworth) L 12:46

The Naturals (Shepherd/Mihaildis) W vs.
B&D (Driscoll / Arvanites) L 13:19

The Smash Brothers (Scudder / Glovsky) W vs.
Walles (Jennifer / Rob) L 11:41

1st - Flash (Williams,1979)

2nd - $360

3rd - $240

4th - $120

5th (2-way tie) - $90

7th (2-way tie) - $50

9th (4-way tie) - $30

13th (4-way tie) - $20