Arenas And Names

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Carty Briane
World Of Furtinure
Daniel Emerald
Sandy Arton
Restaurant Junksy
Chuck Carty
Aaron Buller
Johnny Pigger
David Nokia
Road Blanks
Reddie Robinson
Daniel Emerald 46661163737
Chuck Carty 15
Johnny Pigger 62
Restaurant Junksy
Reddie Robinson 2535
Chuck Carty 16
World Of Furtinure
Reddie Robinson 15
Reddie Robinson


Chuck Carty 16 L vs.
Reddie Robinson 15 W vs.
null L vs.
null L World Of Furtinure 07:40


Daniel Emerald 46661163737 L vs.
Chuck Carty 15 W vs.
null L vs.
null L World-con 00:04

Johnny Pigger 62 L vs.
Reddie Robinson 2535 W vs.
null L vs.
null L Restaurant Junksy 00:04


Aaron Buller L vs.
Johnny Pigger W World-con 00:04

Carty Briane L vs.
Daniel Emerald W World Of Furtinure 00:04

David Nokia L vs.
Reddie Robinson W Road Blanks 00:08

Sandy Arton L vs.
Chuck Carty W Restaurant Junksy 00:05

1st - Flash (Williams,1979)

2nd - $360

3rd - $240

4th - $120

5th (2-way tie) - $90

7th (2-way tie) - $50

9th (4-way tie) - $30

13th (4-way tie) - $20