Nhl Playoffs

Updated 10:59pm



Fan Fun Arena

Michael Breede x

Quinn Saganowich

Lind Pond Arena

Hunter Parsons

Joshuwa Zweerink x

Kings Of Land Arena

Cooper Barbosa

Jaxon Myers x

iTunes Arena

Cooper Dzjernaco x

Jordan Mayo

Sky Zone Arena

Cooper Barbosa x

Jordan Mayo

Upper Canada Arena

Hunter Parsons

Quinn Saganowich x

Ice Place Arena

Jordan Mayo

Hunter Parsons x

Jordan Mayo

Round 3

Jordan Mayo W vs.
Hunter Parsons L Ice Place Arena 00:17

Round 2

Cooper Barbosa L vs.
Jordan Mayo W Sky Zone Arena 00:13

Hunter Parsons W vs.
Quinn Saganowich L Upper Canada Arena 00:06

Round 1

Cooper Barbosa W vs.
Jaxon Myers L Kings Of Land Arena 00:41

Cooper Dzjernaco L vs.
Jordan Mayo W iTunes Arena 00:11

Hunter Parsons W vs.
Joshuwa Zweerink L Lind Pond Arena 00:13

Michael Breede L vs.
Quinn Saganowich W Fan Fun Arena 00:16

1st - Flash (Williams,1979)

2nd - $360

3rd - $240

4th - $120

5th (2-way tie) - $90

7th (2-way tie) - $50

9th (4-way tie) - $30

13th (4-way tie) - $20